Who we are & what we want to achieve together


To create a world where the aspirations and challenges facing younger people with Parkinson’s, and their families, are understood respected and supported, enabling them to lead active, fulfilling lives…


  • That the voices of younger people with Parkinson’s are not only heard but understood
  • Address the key issues posed to younger people with Parkinson’s and facilitate solutions to manage them 
  • Interface and collaborate with organisations and policy makers that support younger people with Parkinson’s to maximise focus on meeting their needs  

Younger Parkinson’s Alliance Current priorities include

  • Developing tailored communications covering topics that are relevant to younger people with Parkinson’s 
  • Supporting the building and maintenance of close relationships 

  • Holding events that support the wellbeing of younger people with Parkinson’s 

  • Supporting employment rights

  • Connecting younger people with Parkinson’s in their locality 

Membership and Focus

  • Membership - comprising younger people with Parkinson’s from across the UK as well as  representatives from trusted UK charities and organisations that are focused on Parkinson’s. 

  • Focus - dedicated to supporting ‘younger people with Parkinson’s’. Whilst there is no set definition of what constitutes a ‘younger person’, the term generally refers to individuals with Parkinson’s who are of working age