Support for younger people

Chatting to others in a similar situation to you can be helpful. This list of UK-wide online support groups, run by and for younger people, will help you to connect with other younger people with Parkinson's.​

We're confident they can be a good source of further support but the Younger Parkinson's Alliance

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Useful tips, insight and advice.

list of younger Parkinson's support groups.


list of useful online resources aimed at YOPD

From diagnosis onwards: we have it covered.

Video guidance for living with young onset Parkinson's 

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Recently diagnosed?

Being diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's can be alienating and confusing. But you're not alone.

We all have a different experience with the process of being diagnosed at a younger age. It is often over a prolonged period of time after ruling out an array of other chronic or life-threatening conditions. 

"The consultant actually giving me information [would have been helpful], not just saying ‘You have Parkinson’s, take these tablets, see you in six months’.”


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Videos about living with Parkinson's


Being a busy working mum with Parkinson's can be challenging but Genna shows how she makes it work. (2mins)

This short film called 'Listen' is designed to help younger children who have parents with Parkinson's to understand the condition.


Shamsa is a 29-year old young mum with Parkinson's. She talks about what having the condition has meant for her and her family 

(3 mins)

Younger people with Parkinson's talk about how they coped with their Parkinson's diagnosis 

(5 mins)


YPA Podcast Series 1


Local support groups provided by Parkinson's UK

Are you interested in meeting other younger people affected by Parkinson's? Groups for younger people give you the chance to socialise, network and do things.

Our current groups are listed in alphabetical order below. Click on the links to find more about when and where each group meets and what they do.

If you're interested in starting up a group in your local area, or having your group listed, please contact   (Links directed to Parkinson's UK website)






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